Magento 2 & Laravel developer
Certified Magento 2 developer that also loves to work with Laravel & VueJS/NuxtJS on side-projects. I'm from small city Gornja Radgona, Slovenia, Europe. When I don't write code I like to play games or watch detective series / movies related to the second world war or some history related topics.
Adobe Certified Expert - Magento Commerce Business Practitioner
Adobe Certified Professional - Magento Commerce Developer

Here are some projects I've worked on or still working:

  • - gaming platform for online league
    I've joined the team in September 2020 and trying to help the team when I'm not working on my client projects. We wanted to provide a platform for COD4 players at first because there is currently no gaming platform online that will offer a league for Call of Duty 4 gamers and later scale it to other games.
    PHP 7.4
    Laravel 7

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